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February 9, 2016

We have a couple different shows here on Burn Everything Gaming.

Actual Play RPGs:

Star Trek Fate: This is an actual play rpg using the Fate system. We follow characters from the Academy to flying their own ship through the universe.

Telonato: This is a Dresden Files Fate rpg actual play. This campaign was about students in a small town slowly finding out that nothing is as simple as it seems.

1shots: We have a few 1 shot actual plays. These are games that last 1 session (about 3 episodes).

  • Mystery Detective whodunit
  • Medieval Fantasy
  • Jewel Heist
  • Secret of NIMH

Game Review:

You Know What?!: This is our game review show where Joshua and Taylor review a board or role playing game.

Gaming news:

Tabletop Antibodies: Monthly Tabletop news show where we work as antibodies to connect to the good stuff and bring it to you.


Juxt Us: Our discussion show where we compare 2 or more things in the normal podcast way.