Burn Everything Gaming: Fate RPG


January 17, 2016



Burn Everything is a podcast group hosted by Taylor (the one that got away). We are a group of gamers, like most of you, that gets together twice a month to game. Thanks to the marvels of modern technology, we are able to play together without actually living in the same state.

 The name Burn Everything refers to our groups method of dealing with problems back in our first campaign together. Vampires sleeping in coffins? Burn down the building. Evil warlock summoning demons? Burn down the house. Witches cabin with chicken legs? Fire. Lots of fire. Thus we did not have many recurring villains in the campaign.

 Our group has been playing together since 2012 and was originally based in Arkansas. We have been recording sessions of play since June 2014. Check out our links section for directions to websites about the different games we play and some of our favorite sources for materials.

 We hope you enjoy listening to our adventures and share with us some of your own!


Burn Everything Gaming is a FAN podcast and is not affiliated or endorsed by Fate, Evil Hat, or any of its creators. We are just fans and think the Fate system is great. We hope you do as well.